Saturday, February 20, 2010

Time for another round of Ask Me Anything. This week we questioned Emily of

On with the roast...

how much whiskey is too much whiskey?
(from Heartsizedcrush)

- You mean to tell me some people think there is such a thing?
That's crazy!

Scissors or sewing machine?
(from Psycho Kitty)

- Machine. I'll rip that fabric if I have to.

If the #2 pencil the most popular, why is it still #2?
(from FabulouslyFierce)

- Well, it refers to the type of.. Oh geeze, I'm a nerd.

If aliens landed in front of you and, in exchange for anything
you desire, offered you any position on their planet, what
would you want?
(from FabulouslyFierce)
- I would want the said planet to be a timewarp back to the 50s.
Or 40s.

Who is your favorite artist and why?
(pet Zombie)

- Anne Taintor, currently. You know all those vintage photos with
sassy sarcastic sayings that are pretty much on everything these days?
That's her work. What's not to love?

Do you wear short shorts?

(from Indiscretion)

- Who doesn't?! My favorite thing in the summer is cut off denim
shorts. I'm country.

What's your most embarrassing moment?
(from Indiscretion)
- Every moment of my life probably.
I drink.. so that's a pretty big given I'm going to be embarrassing.
Not to mention my foot pretty much lives in my mouth.

You have two days left to live. What do you do?
(from Winterlights)

- Find out where the best show is, don't care where, and go there.
Bring all my friends and a bottle of booze and have an epic two days.

What do you sleep in?
(from Winterlights)

- tshirt and undies. I'd like to lie and say a lacy fabulous nighty,
but naw.

If you were a bowl of ice cream, what flavor would you be?
(from Nightsrequiem)

- Neapolitan. For one cause it sounds all nice,
and for two cause I wanna be
more than one!

Paper or plastic?
(from SinBurned)

- I have no preference. A bag is a bag!

What movie do you love but are afraid to admit loving?
(from Ravenofskys)

- I have no fear admitting my bad taste in movies.
I love nerdy stuff like Lord of the Rings.
And yes, I love Twilight. I also have a soft spot for Disney princess

Do you collect anything?
(from Pet Zombie)

- I have a pretty decent collection of Elvis memorbilia.
Everyone that comes over loves to make fun of my Elvis Barbie dolls.
I also like vintage reproduction tin signs, but I
don't have as many as I'd like.

Does your mother or grandmother have that 'old person' odor?
(from theVintageDoctor)

- Nope! My momma smells like flowers!

Jailhouse Rock Elvis or Viva Las Vegas Elvis?
(from TheMeggers)

- Are you kidding?! Nothing holds a candle to Jailhouse Rock Elvis.
Which is why I have a quarter sleeve tattoo of that very thing!

If you could have dinner with any author/actor/singer/designer,
who would that be (alive or dead) & what would you talk about?
(from Invy Studios)

...what would you order?
- Not to sound like a broken record, but Elvis.
I'd love to be able to ask him about what he thinks of his impact on
American culture, not to mention a mile long list of other things.
And we'd order fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and
overcooked bacon, because those were his favorites.

Do you like Ovaltine?
(from sohokitten)

- Never had it. But the Little Orphan Annie decoder said drink more,
so it must be good.

Cake or pie? What flavor?
(from WickedBadNaughty)

- Both! Or.. I guess cherry pie.

Favorite color of lipstick and who makes it?

(from WickedBadNaughty)

- Red. Always. Toss up bewteen MAC Russian Red and this one random
Sephora brand I found once.

Something no one would ever guess about you.
(from WickedBadNaughty)
- I dunno, I'm pretty open. But maybe my age? People always think
I'm a lot older than I am.

Most guilty pleasure?

(from WickedBadNaughty)

- ... I have a secret love of emo and poppunk.
Don't tell! It'll ruin my rockabilly street cred.

If you had to choose would you be a nun or a hooker and why?

(from WickedBadNaughty)

- I'm too wild to be a nun and too chaste to be a hooker.
Maybe a hooker in a nun costume.

Most romantic thing you can think of?

(from WickedBadNaughty)

- The Notebook. Entire movie. I'm cheesy.

Have you ever tripped over a lawn gnome?
(from headless Tess)
- I don't think I've ever seen one actually in someone's yard.

Ever made a 3am run for the border on a Saturday night?

(from headless Tess)

- You mean the Taco Bell? Hell yes I have.

Have you ever dated a werewolf?

(from headless Tess)

- Does a man so hairy he could pass for one count?

If the walls in your studio could talk what would they say?

(from headless Tess)

- Please stop blasting the Cramps 24/7. We're tired of it.

Dogs or cats?
(from headless Tess)
- CATS. I have a big distaste for dogs for some reason.

If you HAD to make a choice. Lipstick or eyeliner? (from Kim)

- Unfair. I guess eyeliner. I look really creepy without it.

What/who is your favorite book/author?
(from MTcoffinz aka me)

- I honestly don't read much, so I can't really pick one.
I pretty much only read biographies if

If you were in a Zombie flick, would you want to be a Zombie
or a Zombie hunter?
(from candyrave)

- Zombie I guess. At least I could get away with crazy stuff.

If you could have any super power, which one would you want?

(from candyrave)

- Teleportation, absolutely. I love traveling so being able to do it
in an
instant.. amazing.

Who is your favorite Muppet/Sesame Street character?

(from candyrave)

- Uh.. I honestly don't know a thing about the characters past the
fact that
they exsist.

Who would you want to play you in the movie of your life?

(from candyrave)

- Rose McGowan, but only because Yvonne Decarlo is no longer
an option.

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

(from BlackKittenaccessories)

- Buy one. And I doubt I'd do that.
Now if you'd asked what I'd do for some

How would you dress a zombie?
(from Deabusamor)

- Pin up style of course. She'd have fabulous hair and a tattered
pencil dress. But the hair would be perfect.

Who do you imagine wearing your designs?

(from Deabusamor)

- Regular girls. I want girls to know it is totally acceptable to
wear pencil skirts in daily life. I really want nothing more than to
run into strangers at shows in my clothes.

Besides your boyfriend, husband or significant other...
If you could sleep with anyone WHO would it be?
(from WickedBadNaughty)

- I'd probably do horrible illegal things for a chance with
Johnathan Rhyes Meyers. Good god...

If you could travel to any planet, which would you want
to visit?
(from Platypuses)

- I'm good here. As the Phenomenauts say, "Earths Got Hot Rod Cars
and Al Capone, You can't beat Earth cause Earth is the best!"


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