Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What is TNT?

What is TNT?

TNT stands for Thursday night Temptation. We at DIYscene Street team decided that we needed a collaborative sale and we started TNT But we had so much fun with it that we figured ‘why not get others involved?’.

So that’s why you’re here.

Every Thursday from 12noon until midnight EST we have a chat room on Etsy and anyone who wants to participate can have a sale with us. With time and effort from everyone we plan to make this huge (we tend to do things in a big way at DIYscene) If you want to participate just change your avatar to one with TNT one it, either your own or one I will supply below. Then in your shop announcement you let people know what your deal is. IE: “free shipping” or “buy one get one half price”. It’s up to you what deal you want to offer.

We don’t SPAM chat rooms, please announce your sale/deal in the shop announcement The TNT avatar is to let people know that you have a sale, if they are interested they will look. Constantly posting your sale info in the room does not work as a marketing tool. Please respect other chatters :)

Feel free to take an avatar and save it to use for your TNT: http://tntsales.wordpress.com/2009/04/06/what-is-tnt/

Welcome to the team blog!

Welcome to the official DIYscene Etsy Street Team blog! The DIYscene team started over a year ago with members DIYscene that were sellers on Etsy. Since it's beginning, the team has been dedicated to the promotion and support of all of the shops on the team, as well as becoming well known in the general Etsy community. Currently, the team has 69 fully participating members, and many member candiates! We look forward to reaching out to the Etsy community, and buyers and sellers everywhere with our promotions, weekly Thursday Night Temptation sales, and great promotional contests and giveaways! For a full list of members, please visit any of the participating member's blogs, websites, or Myspace pages! For all member Etsy listings, please search diyscene team on Etsy!