Saturday, February 27, 2010

Featured Shop: EyeScream

by: PoisionedCreations

I had the honor of interviewing Nicole the designer behind EyeScream Industries. We share the same love for 80’s hair bands so it was awesome to be able to interview her not to mention her line is very rock n’ roll driven. Nicole took a small break from designing and when she came back I have to say she came back ROCKIN’!

What inspires your designs?
Music, obviously, is my biggest inspiration. The fashion that has gone hand in hand with each era of music inspires me. I like to tweak styles and make them my own. I'm also inspired by simpler things, like texture. Sometimes, I'll see a certain fabric, it piques my interest, I'll touch it, and WHAM! I know exactly what I want it to be :)

What genre/bands do you listen to when you create?
I'm a rock-n-roll girl, I have to have it. It has given me the drive to design and craft my best work. I adore 80's rock, all the hair metal greatness :) I'm a sucker for a good rock/metal ballad. I love everything from Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, David Bowie, No newer bands like Lordi, Sixx:AM, The Sounds, and Paramore. I'm all over the place! The most important thing is, I have to feel the music I'm listening to. If it makes me feel something substantial, it's mine. And yeah, I get a lot of crap for some of the bands I like, but I couldn't care less :)

Tell me about how you got hooked up with Chad Cherry and designed his outfit for The Last Vegas' video "Whatever Gets You Off".
Well, as much as I semi-dislike social media..I owe it all to Twitter! :) The Last Vegas had opened for Motley Crue in early 2009 at a concert I was at in Hershey, PA. I admit to not giving them much attention because I was right in front for the CRUE!!!! I was anxious to see Nikki Sixx, honestly. But I did like the sound of The Last Vegas, and I remember thinking how much Chad Cherry reminded me of Iggy Pop, Perry Farrell and David Bowie. He has an amazing stage presence! So I started following them on Twitter.

Months went by, and one night while promoting EyeScream, I saw a Tweet from them about an article Chad did for Lip Service clothing. I replied to it that Chad should be wearing EyeScream :) He sent me a message with his email and said he loved my clothes! I made him a couple pieces and some scarves...and his black faux leather & fur collar vest is the piece he wore in the video! Working with Chad is the most exciting and rewarding experience I have had with EyeScream so far! (Plus the video is badass! Watch it: ) EyeScream loves Chad Cherry!

If you could design an outfit for any celebrity dead or alive who would it be and why?
Nikki Sixx definitely! His whole style is awesome, and yeah he's damn sexy, but he needs a touch of EyeScream I think... :) I would also LOVE to design for David Bowie! He's not only a music icon, but a fashion one as well...he's such a chameleon, I think it would be an awesome experience to work with him.

Describe your craft room in 5 words or less.
A kickass, loud, rockin' mess :)

How would you describe your designs?
Badass rock-n-roll gear for on and off stage! I try to make my pieces versatile, something you can wear anywhere, anytime. But no matter where you are, you're going to stand out, and no one else will ever have the piece you own!

What's in store for EyeScream Industries?
2010 so far has been all about expanding. I've opened a second shop ( in addition to my Etsy shop. I'll be working to expand my line with items I've played with but never seriously worked at, like more lingerie, and jackets for women and men. I'm always working on the promotion front, expanding my network, and spreading EyeScream everywhere I can! I'll also be working with and introducing some genuine leather pieces. Custom listings will also be posted at some point. As always, everything will stay one-of-a-kind! ...And hopefully, more collaborations with kickass rockers ;)

Any advice for aspiring designers?
Work work work. Continuously grow, whether you're teaching yourself or taking courses. Do not expect to "make it" overnight, or even within your first couple years. You get what you put into it! Also, it's really important to find your niche, find your passion. Stay true to who you are, and what you enjoy doing and creating, and you can never be a failure. And always remember: Imitation is NOT flattery.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Something looks different....

The DiYScene Etsy Street Team shall henceforth be known as the CraftAnon Etsy Street Team!

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It's time for Thursday Night Temptations again, and this time around we're offering Buy One Get One deals!

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