Sunday, February 14, 2010

Featured Shop: WinterLights

by: EyeScream Industries

Your shop has so much variety! What is your favorite area to work in, clothing or accessories? Why?

Definitely clothing. Since I focus on plus sizes there is such a personal reward to be had in creating unique stylish clothes for those who can't find them in other stores. Making accessories is my saving grace, though, for when I'm in need of instant satisfaction.

Your shop name is so "bright" for the gothic pieces you create. How did you pick the name for your shop?

I knew I wanted a name associated with Winter, as I've always been obsessed with the starry-eyed, warming aura it is shrouded in for me. The actual pairing of the words Winter and Lights was pure coincidence, as I had spent a good ten minutes on Etsy entering in names which had already been taken. Winter Lights was the first available one, so I went with it! The "Lights" is in reference to white Christmas lights, which I used to have strung up in my room all year round :)

What designers inspire you the most?

My favorites are solely from the DIY world, surprise, surprise! I adore so many, but here are several from the top of my head.

Which do you prefer - making custom pieces for an individual, or a variety of already made pieces?

Everyone is shaped differently and not many people fit into the perfect measurement ranges on size charts. Speaking for myself, I have to alter store bought clothing 99% of the time once I bring it home, and that's no fun! That explains why most of my sales come from custom orders, and it's been incredibly enriching working closely with my customers in creating their pieces, and they appreciate having that option. It's win-win.

Are there any new areas you'd like to explore with your line?

More custom work, most predominantly. It is my intent to shift gears toward offering specific clothing pieces as customizable, and I have a whole mental sketchbook filled with designs I'm really excited about!

Where do you see Winter Lights in 5 years?

Hopefully with a distinctive, polished aesthetic, a solid customer base, and a profit margin *smirk*. I'm also in the beginning of a long term weight loss plan, so hopefully I can start modeling my clothes in the next couple years, woo!


  1. I had always thought the Winter Lights would refer to the Aurora Borealis... but now I know!

    Great feature, Nicole!

  2. I wondered that too! And it's true :D

  3. Another great interview! And I'm very flattered to be listed as an inspiration!

  4. Great interview! It inspired me to wear my Winter Lights creations to work tomorrow ^_^