Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Charity Shop's Nosy Tuesday: Killer Kitty

Welcome to Nosy Tuesday brought to you by the Charity Shop! Here we interview shop Donors, the Team etc about their craft and other pertinent questions we've been dying to ask. If there's anything you wanted to know, email us and we'll see what we can do!

Today we talked to Andrea of

1. Tell us about yourself.

Well, I’m just a dorky chick from California that loves being silly and making myself laugh…oh, I also like to sew stuff! Aside from making clothes, I love web design, it’s something that I’ve been studying for what seems like forever. I also like collecting vintage horror movie posters, playing Ms. Pacman or Rad Racer, watching bizarre horror flicks ‘til my eyes pop out and having deep conversations with my Siamese cat, Zorro.

2. What got you into your craft?

My mom. She’s been a seamstress from the time she was a teenager so it’s something that has been around me my whole life. I started out making slutty tube tops, it was all I could make, for my Barbies on my mom’s sewing machine. Later, when I was older, I helped my mom sew and through that, I learned to make various types of clothing. I started making tops for myself and I absolutely loved having clothes that were different and knowing that no one else would be wearing the same thing.

Describe the ultimate sandwich.

Definitely one I don’t have to make myself hehe. I love turkey and Swiss with lots of spinach leaves and black olives, a dash of salt and pepper, a few pickles and a bit of oil and vinegar. Now I’m hungry…let‘s go eat!

4. What's your favorite charity and why?

Any charity that helps animals, I just adore animals! I don’t like to see them mistreated and I hate to see them suffer. The Animal Rescue site is probably one of my favorite sites to visit, they make giving so easy, just click and a rescued animal is fed.

5. Where else can we find you?

My website: killerkitty.net
Etsy: etsy.com/shop/KillerKitty
Facebook: facebook.com/killerkittyclothing
Twitter: twitter.com/killerkittydiy
YouTube: youtube.com/killerkittyclothing

Check out Andrea's items at the

Checker Drawstring Mini Bag

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