Sunday, April 18, 2010

Charity Shop Featured Donor: After Midnight Designs

1. How would you describe your work/style?

I'm not sure how to describe it. I sit at my work table and stare at the materials until it just comes to me. I get an idea and just run with it. That way each piece ends up with a style of its own.

2. What inspired you to start creating and selling your work?

My grandmother is very crafty. I think I get it from her. So, it started out as a hobby. I made things for myself, friends, and family. My neighbor found out what I did. She makes jewelry and did craft shows. She helped me get started at the shows. Then I found the Diyscene forums. That is where I found out about Etsy.

3. What are your favorite causes/charities?

My favorite causes are anything to do with animals. I have always volunteered and done rescue work with animal organizations. My heart belongs there. I also have volunteered with special needs children. That would be my next choice.

4. Where else can we find your work?

I mainly sell on Etsy. I also do a lot of work in my city. I do private parties and craft shows. I tell everyone to feel free to contact me if they have any questions or want to see additional pieces.

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