Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cosmic Latte!

Each month the DiYScene Etsy Street Team chooses a theme to collectively make items for. This month's theme was Cosmic Latte!

What the heck is Cosmic Latte? According to Wikipedia,
"Cosmic latte is a name assigned in 2002 to the average color of the universe (derived from a sampling of the electromagnetic radiation from 200,000 galaxies), given by a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University."

Check out our team members' entries and then vote for your favorite below!

Tattered Tea Time Slip Skirt by WinterLights

Turkey Leg Purse/Clutch with Cranberry Change Purse by worthysoycandles

Woodland Acorns COCOA by Dingogirl66

Sweet Juliet Waist Cincher by annaladymoon

Allegra - Charm Necklace by NightsRequiem

RUFFLES in CREAM HOWL by poppyswickedgarden

HAUTEINDISCRETION Caramel Latte by HauteIndiscretion

Tweed Cosmic Latte Chunky Neck Warmer by xannabotx

Cosmic Latte Cowl by vicmes

Which Cosmic Latte item is your favorite?


  1. Voted!

    You guys manage to make even something like blah, awesome!

  2. Voted. Everything looks great girls. I know its not in our comfort zones but man you guys made everything so beautiful.

  3. That was a haaaard choice.
    So much cool.. I didn't know I'd love Cosmic Latte ^_^

  4. I voted too. So much awesome stuff for such a blah color :D

  5. Such great stuff! I love them all! Great work everybody!