Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vote for your favorite Halloween theme item!

Each month the DiYScene Etsy Street Team chooses a theme to make items for. This month's theme was, of course, Halloween, and I think we really outdid ourselves this time!

What do you think? Check out our team members' entries and then vote for your favorite below!

#1 - Skeleton Crown, kings to ashes by deadthingsgrrl

#2 - Where THE WiLD ThingS ARE MAX Hoodie by XPoppysWickedGardenX

#3 - Incadescent Cranium Shrug by WinterLights

#4 - Black Widow Skirt by kezbirdie

#5 - Halloween Everynight (dress) by Platipuses

#6 - WBN Acid Green Stained Glass CoffinZ by wickedbadnaughty

#7 - Bat Cameo Pendant and Necklace by TheClayPony

#8 - Freaky Frankie Frankenstein Cameo Ambulatory Bag by beanbun

#9 - Black and White Skull Earrings by CDChyld

#10 - INDISCRETION Your Costume Sucks by Indiscretion

#11 - Blood Lust Vampire Inspired Victorian Ball gown bustle Skirt bySistersOfTheMoon

#12 - Gauze Living Dead Girl Dress by xannabotx

#13 - BATMAN costume dress with CAPE by meanlook

#14 - AAAGH, SANDWORM Beetlejuice hoodie by smarmyclothes

#15 - Green and Black Beaded Bat Choker by SyntheticSeduction

#16 - Diabolical Faery Tatter Corset Dress by annaladymoon

#17 - SKULLS and SPIDERS and SPOOKY Fun -- DIY Mesh TUTU SKIRT by blackwidowdiy

#18 - Hanging Tree Skeleton Purse/Bag by worthysoycandles

#19 - Plantable paper SKULL pendant by SELFinflictedDIY

#20 - Purple Bats From Hell Corset Top by KillerKitty

#21 - White Spiderwebs Halloween Collar by FabulouslyFiercePets


  1. OMG!! This is NOT FAIR!!!! I have to pick ONE?!?!?!?!?!!?

  2. This is hard, there are so many that I want to vote for!

  3. i wish i could vote for every one of them! everythings awesome!

  4. Wow, girls... talk about hard choices... I just can't decide!!! I think I'm gonna close my eyes and click on one!!

  5. Lots of awesome Halloween stuff! Great job everyone.

  6. There is no way I could pick one winner from among all these great pieces.

    I just shut my eyes and clicked the mouse...

  7. That was hard!! But I voted!

  8. I WANT that Winter Lights shrug!

    Well, I want all of it actually...but I voted for the shrug :)

  9. That was so difficult!! There's so many awesome items!

  10. i love everything, but that beetlejuice hoodie hit the spot!!!
    i saw it when it was listed on etsy and if i couldve i wouldve hearted it about 200 times.

  11. aww POO! there was WAY TOO much cool stuffs!!!!! this contest is messed up!LOL!

  12. I want to vote for everyone...That why i will not say who I voted for LOL..Awesome everyone listed!!!

  13. Everyone did an awesome job this month with the theme!